Starting with Paint Color for Your House

When you are sitting in your house, you begin to look at your walls. You notice the paint on the walls. Perhaps, the paint is worn down. Perhaps, it is cracking or chipping. Maybe there are marks all over your wall. The thought occurs to you: I need to get my house painted. Just like that you are on a unique painting adventure. You begin thinking through the process. Should I do it myself? Should I spend a Saturday afternoon and go to Home Depot to get all of my supplies? After thinking through that, you begin wondering how easy it would be to hire someone. You get online and look at Angie’s List to see if you can find a local reputable painter. You aren’t sure which way to go. However, over time you begin to think that it would be really nice to have a professional paint your home. Initially, all you can think about is having a house painter come in and give a bid. Until you begin to recognize that there is so much more to painting a home than calling a house painter to come and give you an estimate.

You definitely want someone who is experienced with the brush. You want someone who has been in business for a long time. You also want someone who is unique and creative in the way that they approach painting. Most painters come to you with the skills but no creativity or new way to think about painting your house.

We approach it differently. We come into your house with a belief that color is the reason we are in your home. Color is going to be the very thing that creates the unique feel and atmosphere of your home. So why spend so much money on painting your home when you don’t really start with the very beginning point that you need to establish what you want. COLOR- Focus on color.

What we do is we focus on bringing color to life in your home. We talk about the need to have the right color to meet your desire for the specific room. If you want your bedroom to have a relaxing feel. Then, which are the best colors to have. If you want your kitchen to be vibrant and to be a place of fellowship, then which color fits best with that? If you want to have a play room for your kids, then which color would stimulate that?

Next, we believe it is important to have two types of colors in your room. We learned this technique from some house painters. They were extremely helpful in sharing with us their technique to have a two color approach. The 2 color approach is to have a main color and a secondary color as an accessory. The secondary color is meant to pop off the walls as it connects with the main color. We highly recommend it for every room we do. We believe it adds so much more to what you are trying to do with your color scheme.

Do you have a 2 color scheme in your room? Have you even thought about color as being the main motivator for painting your house? If you begin with color, then your painting experience will be so much better.

Unique House Painters In Oakland

We love being different. I have always grown up being different. I thought different. I acted different. I played different. Apart of it has to do with my creativity. I look at the world differently than most people. To that degree I love bringing my style and creativity to help home owners set their homes a part. Our unique approach of relying strongly on color and the atmosphere it brings helps to differentiate ourselves from other. Please feel free to check out our portfolio or to call us up to see how we can help you with your painting needs.